Selasa, 03 November 2015

Sajian Makanan Seperti Sayuran Untuk Tamu

Sajian Makanan Seperti Sayuran Untuk Tamu - Puang Oca founded by businessman Jusuf Manggabarani. Initially only available in Surabaya, and is now present in Jakata. Oca Puang name itself is taken from the name of the owner of the restaurant. Puang word is the title of an elder in Makassar, while Oca is the name of the owner daily.

"We would like if people with the name of this restaurant, then people immediately knew it was a typical seafood restaurant Makassar. And if people call Makassar seafood, then people will remember this restaurant, "said Dahlan, marketing Puang Oca.

It feels not impossible, considering, owned by the strategic location of this restaurant in the building next to the board (the Parliament). In addition, the menu that is not found in other restaurants. For example, menu-kudu kudu fish that exist only in the waters of Sulawesi.

"The menu we get directly from there. In addition, we also have a fish menu sukang typical Makassar. Others, there Papua crab, shrimp, squid, and a variety of other fish, "he said.

While, of serving the drink, the most favorite is the coffee-general, and healthy juice concoction of mustard, lemon, and pineapple.

Problem variety of other menu, mentioned Dahlan, very much. What is clear, the menu is a variety of marine fish, either grilled or fried. Regarding the price, although the location is in the Senayan area, but the price is pegged still friendly, from the most expensive Rp20 thousand to Rp250 thousand.

"The price is influenced by the size of fish. If the fish is large, then the price is higher, and vice versa. And for raw materials, there are directly imported from the region, some are through the supplier. "

Wah with various facilities, such as a cozy atmosphere, great parking, VIP room, Wifi, and the other was not surprising that the day there is always a surge of visitors.

This restaurant can accommodate 180 people. Additionally, this restaurant also serves a delivery order for the Jakarta area. "For the delivery is still in the area of Jakarta. But the point wherever we are ready to provide the best service, "he said.