Selasa, 03 November 2015

Kreasi Memasak Ayam Goreng Lada Hitam

Kreasi Memasak Ayam Goreng Lada Hitam - Sesame has planted the seeds for the benefit of man since ancient times. Even sesame oil is one of the oldest plants in the history of human civilization.

Both seeds and sesame oil are often used as a cooking ingredient. In addition to the delicious flavor and fragrant aroma, sesame turned out to save so many health benefits for the body.

Magnesium and other nutrients contained in sesame able to prevent diabetes and improve plasma glucose. It also can regulate the level of insulin in the body and helps regulate the symptoms of diabetes.

According to a study, sesame oil can lower blood pressure levels in patients with diabetes because of the high content of magnesium. Sesame also reduces the strain on the cardiovascular system and prevent certain health problems related to heart.