Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

Aneka Makanan Takjil Berbuka Puasa Yang Enak

Aneka Makanan Takjil Berbuka Puasa Yang Enak - To brighten your skin could use a lotus, the way is easy that take best lotus petals after that you mash until smooth add honey and milk to be used as a paste. If you've lived lotus paste you use this regularly once a week, then your skin will become bright and natural sound.

To get a glowing complexion you can use apples, how very easily is prepared apples then peeled, then make into applesauce and add one tablespoon of honey, if it is you can use it by rubbing gets face evenly, wait http://resepenak.weebly.com/blog/daftar-kue-brownies-selai-stroberi until it dries less lebihnya 15 minutes, then rinse with rosewater. If you do it regularly then you will feel the benefits of apples that can make your skin glow.

How to get glowing skin with the benefits of strawberries, strawberry mengadung many benefits for skin beauty, one that is able to eliminate the dull skin so that it becomes shining. How to use it is to http://resepbaru.weebly.com/blog/bikin-donat-kentang-toping-strobery refine some strawberries to be used as a face mask and then dab miss your face, wait up to 10 minutes if it rinse with rosewater, do regularly then your skin will look more fress and shine.

Use honey as a face mask, the benefits of honey is not in doubt in the science of health and beauty, honey has many benefits that are so beneficial, one of which is to make the skin look younger. It is very easy is to use it as a face mask, add the lemon juice into the mask honey and apply on the face and neck, wait until dry and then rinse with water.